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What We Offer

Modern Consulting. Shaping The Future.

Digital Forensics

Our experts have led some of the most complex and sophisticated digital forensic investigations worldwide. Our team members have testifying experience and have been entered into various court systems as technical experts and Subject Matter Experts in a range of forensic disciplines.

Our digital forensic services match or exceed any firms technical expertise while combining unparalleled customer attention.


Our team can help establish proper cybersecurity safeguards, methodologies and protocols for small to large businesses. We also offer services to help recover from a cybersecurity event, preserve potential evidence in breach cases and ongoing support to help assist in future situations.

Data Destruction

Our data destruction capabilities are offered to safely and efficiently physically destroy and/or forensically sanitize. Our services are capable of crushing computer hard drives, CD's, backup tapes, mobile devices, laptops and much more.

We can sanitize onsite or bring your devices back to our lab for certified destruction.

Expert Consulting

Our expert consulting can help internal General Counsel groups, large & small corporations, IT teams, law firms and private individuals in a range of legal and technological solutions. Our consulting services bring the very best of personalized attention to our clients. Consulting services cover a wide range of topics from Forensics, Compliance, Security, Legal, IT and more.

Technical Training

The Alethean Group includes academic professors & researchers, law enforcement trainers and private educators. We work with our clients to develop tailored training regimes for companies, consultants and IT teams to help arm professionals with digital forensics, security and awareness training. We also help create custom workflows for internal groups for Employee On/Offboarding, Data Preservation, IT Data Governance and more.

Data Recovery

The Alethan Group utilizes bleeding-edge tools and custom solutions to provide one of the best data recovery services around. Our data recovery services are backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee that if we can't recover data from any source, there is no charge to you. 

Policy Development

Our experts can create tailor-made policy for your organization, department or team. Years of expert experience developing and building out security and IT teams with in-depth policy allows us to assess and recommend the best policies possible. 

All of our policies adhere to the highest industry/government standards and can be adapted for any environment or group.

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