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Alethean Group, Inc.

Modern Consulting. Shaping The Future.


Who We Are

The Alethean Group is a team of industry professionals with experience that transcends all sectors. Our team members have worked on some of the most sophisticated and complex investigations with the various Government Agencies, Fortune 500 Companies and AmLaw 100 Law Firms. We are bringing the quality and assurance of expert cybersecurity, forensics, training and consulting with a small price-tag. The Alethean Group guarantees the quality of all work to exceed industry standards and deliver white-glove quality for companies and firms of all sizes.

The Alethean Group specializes in digital forensics, cybersecurity & investigations while offering a range of other services and products. We work on developing new tools, custom solutions and processes for a range of clients and needs. Our Global Partnership Network allows The Alethean Group to solve a bevy of problems and assist in many different situations.


Our Story

Alethea is the Greek God of truth. Alethea is also a revolutionary Ancient Greek Philosophy that translates to "the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident." The Alethean Group follows the tenants of this idea by bringing "reality" and "truth" to digital investigations, cybersecurity, legal consulting and technology.

We bring a fresh look to an otherwise crowded, assembly-line industry. We're trusted by top law firms, startups and industry leaders to deliver on-time results, custom solutions and the best in collaborative technology.

About Us

Our Vision

The Alethean Group wants to make cybersecurity and legal consulting more integrated and less scary by leveraging technology to streamline contracts, communication and delivery of world-class deliverables. We work hard to maximize efficiency, speed and continuity in all engagements while preserving the best care, vigilance and discretion for our clients.

What We Offer
Why Us

Our Services


Deep Industry Knowledge

Our experts come from backgrounds including the United States Military, Federal Government Agencies, State & Local Law Enforcement branches as well as academia and consulting backgrounds. Our internal team and extensive network of professionals hold and share some of the deepest industry knowledge in a multitude of legal and technological disciplines. 

Years of Experience

The Alethean Group evolved from several specialized entities coming together to form a professional team and network. The group has been operating since 2009 in areas such as digital forensic investigations, hardware/software providers, data recovery services and legal consulting. All of our experts have 10+ years of experience in their respective fields.

In-house Research Teams

Our team members have combined for a multitude of White Papers, special sector documentation and industry research. Combining expert knowledge with various research areas, we have been able to build an internal library that covers a wide range of topics. This research is used for client engagements, custom solutions and knowledge sharing among our extended network.


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